Y21 is a youth organisation set up by the youth for the youth with the aim of changing education in the long term.

Y21 organizes events and creates content that teaches the youth what they can’t learn in school as well as giving them opportunities that they may never have.

Y21 was started on the 21st of March 2020 and has quickly expanded to have a presence all over the world.


Y21’s long term goal is to change education, however, as that’s though to accomplish short term Y21 wishes to empower the voices of the youth and give them the opportunities and help they deserve.
1. We have reached 75+ team members in 10+ countries
2. We are collaborating with the Rotary Club and RYC
3. We have set up regular workshops in Y21


Y21 aims to empower the voices of the youth and give them the opportunities and help they deserve. For that reason Y21 has set up the following thus far:
Y21 Workshops: Y21 interviews twice a month outstanding individuals so that others can learn from them what is not taught in school.
TRY Public Speaking Competition: the worlds largest international public speaking competition online for 14 – 25 year olds.
Y21 Events: video calls open to everyone to join and share their thoughts on world matters. Anyone can organize these events.
Y21 Bookclub: Once a month Y21 will publicly discuss a book chosen by the public.
Y21 Series: We will interview various experts on Youtube on matters that are important to the youth.


If you too believe that education should change then easily help us by sharing our message and content.

You can also help in other ways besides following our social media accounts, by participating in the events we organize.

If you believe you have what it takes to join the team don’t hesitate to apply.